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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is here to help explain some of the industry terminology, facts, misunderstandings, queries and frequently asked questions. We will update this as new facts or questions become more frequent, so to keep this as current as possible.

Are the models in your gallery real or do they use fake pictures?

All of the pictures of our models are real. We hold castings regularly and do not allow fake pictures. We hold casting regular where we meet and verify that the model in the pictures is the model in question.

Are you a central London escort agency only?

Predominantly we are. 90% of our models are based in London, with some escorts beings based in Dubai, New York, Moscow and a few other places.

When are you open?

Normally we are open from 11am till 1am (sometimes later).

Can your models travel to outside London or abroad?

All of our models can travel within the UK and most can travel worldwide. We do need notice for this to happen. You can find all the details on travel booking in the “Travel Booking” section.

Can the model see me for less than the advertised rate?

We as an agent do not fix, control or have the power to change or alter any of the rates our London escorts or international models work for. They set the rate they are willing to work for and it is up to us as an agent if we want to represent them at that rate or not. So in short, it’s up to them what they work for, not us.

How much notice do I need to give to see one of your sexy ladies?

The more the merrier. If you call us, wanting to see one specific model in 10 mins time, there is a very high chance that she will not be as available, compared to – if you called a day earlier. Try to give us as much notice as you can. That’s all we ask for.

What do I pay the model for?

All of the models we have on our website are being advertised for their time. So if a model is £500 for 1 hour, you are paying the model for her to spend that time with you.

When do I pay the model?

All the payment for each of our VIP escorts, needs to be done at the start of the meeting – within the first 5-10mins.

How can I pay the model?

We are currently only able to accept cash (in all major currencies) at this moment in time.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

We do not right now and are working vigorously to find a suitable solution to this problem.

What does Incall / Outcall mean?

Incall means that this particular London escort is able to have to booking / client meetings at her apartment, while outcall means that she can only visit you at your residence or London hotel.

Some models don’t do Incall or an Outcall to my home, whys that?

Some of our models who do not do incall also don’t do private residence outcalls for new clients (any client who has not made a few bookings with us prior to this appointment). They only do Outcalls to central London Hotels. This is due to security reasons.

Some of your models have their faces hidden. How can I see them?

To see all of our models full face – you will have to become a member. You can find a link to the membership section.

Would one of your models, join me and my partner?

Some of our models are happy to work with a couple. Do call us and let us know which models take your fancy.

What’s your Blog about?

Well it’s about a bit off everything…. Go and see our Blog.

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